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ATT Building & Roofing services LTD is a Glasgow based building company serving the Hyndland area.

A.T.T offer a full range of building and roofing services to clients across the Hyndland area.

Loft conversions are a popular choice for many households where extending the property isn’t an option. Making use of that otherwise blank space at the top of the house may seem an excellent idea but the reality can be a little different.  For example, some modern houses need serious reinforcing before a loft conversion can be considered.  So how do you find out if your house is up for the job?

The best way is to get an expert involved.  By finding a builder in Hyndland who had experience in loft conversions, you will be able to get an accurate assessment of what you can do with your roof space.  For older houses, it is often the case that the way they were built makes them particularly good for a conversion.  But even a newer house may need some extra work without meaning the project is a bust.  By getting an expert involved you can get a realistic view of the project and of course, the cost.

Converting a loft can add as much as 20% to the value of a property but remember it also costs money to do.  So while you may make your house more appealing than a neighbouring house without the work done, don’t expect to recoup every penny you spend if you come to sell.  Conversions are best done because you need the space or want something specific from it rather than just to increase the value of the home.

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