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ATT Building & Roofing services LTD is a Glasgow based building company serving the Jordanhill area.

A.T.T offer a full range of building and roofing services to clients across the Jordanhill area.

For some people, gardens are a source of pride and something they spend a lot of time in.  For others, they can be a burden that are not really enjoyed.  For these people, using some of the garden to create an extension to the house can be a win-win situation and by speaking to a builder from Jordanhill you can get an accurate assessment of what you can do.

Some gardens don’t work too well for extensions, particularly if they are very steep.  There are also considerations about neighbouring properties to take into the equation as well as any planning regulations that might apply.  By calling in the services of an expert, you can be certain that the work planned is legal and correct.  After all, if an extension isn’t, the local authority can make you take it down, costing a fortune and making a real mess of the house and garden.

Extensions come in both single and double storey options depending on the style and size of the house.  Both have their pros and cons which an experienced builder will be able to discuss with you.  What you plan to use the space for may be another consideration.  Rather than an extension to the house, a garden room, converted loft or even a converted garage may be a better option and they will be able to go through these choices with you.

Please contact ATT Building & Roofing Services LTD to discuss your requirements.


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