Builder West-End of Glasgow

ATT Building & Roofing services LTD is a Glasgow based building company serving the West-End of Glasgow area.

A.T.T offer a full range of building and roofing services to clients across the West-End of Glasgow area.

Many people enjoy a spot of DIY around the house but there are jobs that for one reason or another, a trained professional is best to undertake.  But hiring a builder can be a little daunting if you listen to all the horror stories on the TV.  So how do you know that you’ve chosen the right one?

Word of mouth is a good starting place and if you choose a builder in the West End of Glasgow, then the people living around you will likely know them.  Many websites now also include customer testimonials as well as photos of jobs they have carried out plus there are independent sites that allow people to leave their reviews and others can check them.

Before approaching a builder, it can be an idea for form a detailed plan of the job, what you want doing and as much information as possible on the specifics.  This means that the builder can immediately see what you are looking for.

Talk to the builder you are considering and explain what the job is about.  Get them to give you a written quote, even if this may be subject to change due to later specific, so you have a starting point on what was agreed.  They should also be able to advise you about any planning permissions needed or other legal requirements for the project.

Please contact ATT Building & Roofing Services LTD to discuss your requirements.


"Scott gave me a quote for job same day I posted, came next day. Price was excellent. He is an extremely friendly young man. Job completed to my satsifaction. Would highly recommend and would definatley use again.."