House Extensions Dalmuir

A.T.T. Builders provide a home extension service to the Dalmuir area.

Of the many types of home extensions in and around the country, the single storey extension remains one of the most popular.  It is versatile, easier to get permission for than a two-storey style and can be constructed in different ways.  But how do you plan a single storey extension?

One of the first considerations is the footprint – the space that the extension will take up alongside considerations such as the proximity to neighbouring properties, the position of windows and its orientation towards light sources and the garden.  Some types of single-storey extension fall under permitted development and don’t need full planning permission but you will still need to double check that what you have planned will be okay with the local authority.

The three main factors in the actual extension are the building materials, the style of roof and the windows and doors required in it.  Your builder will help you choose these aspects but the building materials will be key to achieving the look you require.  As for the roof, often a mono or duo pitched roof is the easiest option to pass regulations.  Finally, doors and windows bring light and access to the room.

The great thing about these extensions is that there is so much you can do.  You can also opt for conservatory style extensions that have a high amount of glass in them and often need less planning permission that brick built styles.  All depends on what you want to use the space for once constructed.

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"Great service and attention to detail throughout the whole process and in the work completed. Clearing up after the work was also impeccable. Scott always kept me up to date and was happy to answer my questions. Competitive quote too. Have already recommended ATT Builders to a colleague and would use again without hesitation."

Mark M