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ATT Building & Roofing Services Ltd provide a loft conversion service to the Bearsden area.

Loft Conversions Solutions

Moving house is a big thing and often not something that we want to consider – but we need more space!  The solution to the problem is often directly above our heads: a loft conversion.  So how do you know if your loft is suitable for the job?

First thing an expert in loft conversions in Bearsden will look at is the construction of the house.  Pre-1960s, houses tended to be made with roof beams that were put into place on site while newer houses, the roof structure is made elsewhere and imported to the house as a single piece.  This can mean that newer houses roof spaces aren’t as sturdy as older houses.  However, with some supporting work these properties can still enjoy a loft conversion.

The height of the loft is another factor – most experts recommend around two metres head room at the highest point of the loft for a comfortable space.  And if you want it for a bedroom or living room, around 50% of the loft should be to this height, otherwise taller family members will end up with a stiff neck!

If you have a loft that begs to be converted into something useful or aren’t sure if it is up to the job, get in touch with ATT Builders today.  We can call around and do a loft assessment, see what work would be involved with converting the loft and even give you a quote for the work, if you want one.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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"Scott and his team worked none stop to get the job done they have done an excellent job I am getting the team back in the near future to do some more work."