Loft Conversions Milngavie

ATT Building & Roofing Services Ltd provide a loft conversion service to the Milngavie area.

Loft Conversions Solutions

For some people, adding more space to their existing home involved going outwards – adding an extension or a conservatory.  For others, converting a poorly used garage into a workshop, home office or a games room for the kids is ideal.  But what about if you want an extra bedroom or a living room type space?  Then going up and converting the loft can be the perfect solution.

Not all lofts are ideal for loft conversions but by talking to a company offering loft conversions in Milngavie, you can quickly get an idea if the job is possible.  This will involve assessing areas such as the height of the space and if it is tall enough for people to use it comfortably.  It will also look at the construction methods of the loft to ensure it is strong enough to withstand frequent use.

Other areas to consider is the access.  If you use the space for bedroom or frequent living space purposes, it will need to have a permanent staircase put in place but this doesn’t mean the kind of staircase you already have.  Spiral staircases are a great option for loft conversions as are ladder type styles.

Finally, windows are important for a loft space to let light and air into the area.  Roof windows are a little different from normal windows and can open in different ways, depending on the roof structure.  These can even include blackout blinds and noise dampening features if you intend to use the space as a bedroom.

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"Scott and his team worked none stop to get the job done they have done an excellent job I am getting the team back in the near future to do some more work."