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ATT Building & Roofing Services Ltd provide a full roofing service to the Drumchapel area.

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Replacing the roof of your house may seem a simple task – you get an expert in roofing in Drumchapel to look at the roofing materials and replace them with new ones.  But different roofing materials take different amounts of work to install and have different costs associated with them.  There have also been lots of innovations in the roofing world in recent years that means you may want to consider other options before doing a straight swap.

Clay is a distinctive looking roofing material that comes in a range of shades, profiles and finishes.  They are a traditional roofing method and are often chosen for period homes, especially as they are often slightly different in each tile, giving that vintage look. 

Natural slate is another traditional roofing material and has always been popular in the UK as we can produce our own – we have a plentiful supply of some of the best slate including Welsh and Burlington from the Lake District.  Slate is one of the more expensive roofing materials but also has a substantial life span.

Stone isn’t a common roofing material but is seen in period homes in protected areas and on listed buildings.  Commonly used stone includes sandstone from Caithness, limestone from Purbeck in Dorset and from the Cotswolds.

Manmade tiles include those made from concrete to look like clay and from fibre-cement to look like slate.  These don’t age the way natural materials do and are more cost effective than the real product.  They also have a uniform size and shape that can reduce fitting times and therefore costs..

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"Scott is one of the most reliable tradesmen I have dealt with over the years. I required a roof repair and roughcasting to be replaced. He was contactable by phone and email, always replying in a timely manner.

His attention to detail and knowledge was second to none. The completion of my job was held up due to adverse weather, however, Scott e-mailed me on a regular basis to advise when he hoped to be on site and complete the job.

I would have no hesitation using him in the future and recommending him to my family and friends."