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ATT Building & Roofing Services Ltd provide a full roofing service to the Hillhead area.

Roofers Hillhead

We are always told that the roof is one of the most important parts of the house and when you think about it, it really is.  The roof holds off the worst of the weather conditions whilst protecting those sensitive roof beams underneath.  But while the job of the roof stays much the same, the type of roofing materials used and the style of the roof can change from one house to another.

Gable roof designs are the ones that look like an upside down letter V and often seen in roofing in Hillhead as it is great to deal with the variations of the weather.  Hip roofs are perhaps the most common version of roof styles used in residential properties and uses a complicated truss and rafter combination that gives it exceptional strength. 

These styles can be both square and rectangular and have no flat or vertical areas.
The gambrel roof is one that is best known for barn roofs and allows for a great amount of space in the loft.  This style is popular in new builds or renovated properties who want a good, useful space in the loft that can be made into a bedroom or other usable space.

Flat roofs were once seen as a point of weakness on a roofing system but modern developments in roofing materials for flat roofs mean they are much hardier and durable than before.  Flat roofs are often used on commercial buildings and on extensions to houses with rubber based roofing materials being the most popular finish.

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"Scott is one of the most reliable tradesmen I have dealt with over the years. I required a roof repair and roughcasting to be replaced. He was contactable by phone and email, always replying in a timely manner.

His attention to detail and knowledge was second to none. The completion of my job was held up due to adverse weather, however, Scott e-mailed me on a regular basis to advise when he hoped to be on site and complete the job.

I would have no hesitation using him in the future and recommending him to my family and friends."