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ATT Building & Roofing Services Ltd provide a full roofing service to the Partick area of Glasgow.

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While roofing in Partick is designed to protect our homes from the weather, there are times when we need to protect our roofs from the weather.  Snow and ice in particular can be terrible for creating cracks in roofing tiles while high winds and the debris they throw about are a top cause of problems for flat roofing. 

One of the best ways to help stop these problems from becoming major issues is to have regular roof inspections.  At least once a year, it pays to have a qualified and experienced roofer check out the house roof to see if there are any issues building up.  If there has been a period of prolonged serious weather, it can also be an idea to add another check in or if you have noticed gaps when in the attic that could mean a broken roof tile.

Flat roofs have had a bad reputation for a long time now but the truth is, modern materials are much better quality than the old fashion style.  That said, they usually need replacing every so often and regular checks should still be carried out to ensure water isn’t finding a way in anywhere.  Checking corners and edges is also important as water can get into these spots and create dampness inside the house, leading to a whole new problem.

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"Scott is one of the most reliable tradesmen I have dealt with over the years. I required a roof repair and roughcasting to be replaced. He was contactable by phone and email, always replying in a timely manner.

His attention to detail and knowledge was second to none. The completion of my job was held up due to adverse weather, however, Scott e-mailed me on a regular basis to advise when he hoped to be on site and complete the job.

I would have no hesitation using him in the future and recommending him to my family and friends."