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ATT Building & Roofing Services Ltd provide a full roofing service to the Strathblane area.

From full re-roofing to small repairs, ATT can help.

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Roofing materials are strong, durable stuff that is designed to last a long time. However, they are often affected by the weather, which can lead to complications with your roof. It's also difficult to detect an issue until water is flowing into the attic or seeping through the ceiling because they're where they are. As a result, conducting routine inspections of your roof is the best way to ensure it is in top condition.

Moss is one of the most obvious challenges on a roof, even though it is one of the smallest problems. Moss can grow in even the tiniest crack and expand into a huge amount. It may cause tiles to fracture, develop a little crack into a problem, and result in excessive water pooling on the roof in undesirable locations. Dealing with it can be tricky as you can often cause more damage if you don't know the best ways to remove it.

When tiles on a roof are damaged after years of snow or rain, it's frequently because they have been weakened by the weather. When the temperature is low, ice freezes and expands, creating a fracture in the tile that persists even after the ice has melted. This fracture grows larger as the weather cools and warms until a hole

Although regular roof maintenance cannot guarantee that a problem will never occur, it can help to minimize the likelihood that the issue will get worse and result in water damage or other problems. As a result, most roofing professionals advocate that your roof be inspected at least once every twelve months.

For roofing in the region, contact us today and ensure the problem stops before it starts.

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"Scott is one of the most reliable tradesmen I have dealt with over the years. I required a roof repair and roughcasting to be replaced. He was contactable by phone and email, always replying in a timely manner.

His attention to detail and knowledge was second to none. The completion of my job was held up due to adverse weather, however, Scott e-mailed me on a regular basis to advise when he hoped to be on site and complete the job.

I would have no hesitation using him in the future and recommending him to my family and friends."