Roughcasting Anniesland

ATT Building & Roofing LTD provides a roughcasting service to clients across Glasgow.

What does roughcasting offer a property?

Here at ATT one thing we specialize in is roughcasting; A special protection system designed specifically for exterior walls made up primarily by adding stones or rocks then applying cement powder mixed with water to form mortar until it created a protective layer on the outside of the house.

We work on properties to help with everything from small areas of damage and complete replacements. Because roughcasting is added to the outside of house walls to protect brickwork against weather conditions like rain or frost, it sees the worst of the weather. The practice has been used for many years involving special plaster mix containing stones or gravel as well as seashells!

But it also means that it needs some help to stay in top condition. The weather can wear at it, knocking loose stones and shells, breaking the mortar and reducing the overall quality of finish. Our job is to repair the roughcasting so that it continues to do the job it was designed for, while looking smart on the outside of your home.

If you have a property with roughcasting and need repairs or maintenance, contact today to chat about our services and how we can help.

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"Scott was extremely professional at all times.  We arranged a date for the job and he and his team turned up at time agreed. We were extremely pleased with the completed job and I would not hesitate to use his services again."

L. McD