Roughcasting Clydebank

ATT Building & Roofing LTD provides a roughcasting service to clients across Clydebank.

What does roughcasting offer a property?

The bricks used to build our homes are generally pretty tough. But over the years, the weather can impact them, causing wear and tear or simply making them look untidy. Repairing bricks isn’t the easiest thing - you can’t just slip one out and put a new one in!

One of the traditional ways of dealing with brickwork that’s showing its age was to add roughcasting. Sometimes this was done to new properties to stop the deterioration from happening in the first place. In more recent times, things like rendering and cladding have taken their place.

But if you have a property that’s covered in roughcasting, you will need a little expert help to keep it in top condition. Roughcasting is the process of adding a fine layer of stones, gravel and even shells with a special plaster mix on the outside of home walls. This protects the building from the weather but itself can deteriorate with the constant pounding from the rain and wind.

Our job is to sort out roughcasting and ensure it remains strong and useful. From replacing sections to overhauling the whole thing, we offer a variety of services for roughcasting area 1 and across the region. Call us today if you have noticed signs of wear on your home’s exterior and need roughcasting treatment.

Please contact us to discuss your roughcasting requirements.

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"Scott was extremely professional at all times.  We arranged a date for the job and he and his team turned up at time agreed. We were extremely pleased with the completed job and I would not hesitate to use his services again."

L. McD