Roughcasting Kelvinside

ATT Building & Roofing LTD provides a roughcasting service to clients across Kelvinside.

What does roughcasting offer a property?

Here at ATT Builders, we are a specialist in roughcasting. We work on properties to help with everything from small areas of damage to complete replacements.

If you have roughcasting you probably know what it is, although if you bought the house with it on, you may not have heard the term. Roughcasting is a protective layer added to the outside of house walls to protect the brickwork from the worst of the weather. The practice has been used for many years and usually involves a special plaster mix and the addition of stones or gravel. Sometimes it can be other materials - at one time, seashells were even used!

The idea is that the roughcasting protects the walls of the home and stops weather deterioration. It was also an aesthetically pleasing way to make the outside of the house tougher. There are many houses across the area that have this finish.

While it is tough and long lasting, roughcasting does need some maintenance and this can be a little tricky. Our job is to maintain or repair homes with roughcasting added to them to keep them weatherproof and smart looking.

Please contact us to discuss your roughcasting requirements.

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"Scott was extremely professional at all times.  We arranged a date for the job and he and his team turned up at time agreed. We were extremely pleased with the completed job and I would not hesitate to use his services again."

L. McD