Roughcasting Knightswood

ATT Building & Roofing LTD provides a roughcasting service to clients across Knightswood.

If you require roughcasting, then give us a call today at ATT Builders. We are locally based experts in the use and maintenance of roughcast properties and can help with any problems you may experience.

Roughcasting is an idea that’s been around for a long time. It adds a coating to the outside of a house that is made up from small pebbles or gravel in a coarse plaster mix. Some styles used to use cement and lime then the pebbles or even shells were added on top.

This was a popular way to finish a house for a couple of reasons. Firstly, people liked their homes to look more interesting and the varied look of roughcasting worked for this. On a more practical level, it offered a layer of weatherproofing to the outside to help protect brickwork.

Being on the outside of the house, roughcasting is regularly battered by the wind and rain and that means it needs maintenance. We offer comprehensive maintenance services for this type of property, whether it means a little patching up or a full-scale replacement of the coating.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work so if you have a property with roughcasting on it, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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"Scott was extremely professional at all times.  We arranged a date for the job and he and his team turned up at time agreed. We were extremely pleased with the completed job and I would not hesitate to use his services again."

L. McD