Roughcasting Milngavie

ATT Building & Roofing LTD provides a roughcasting service to clients across Milngavie.

What does roughcasting offer a property?

It is common enough to see a house in any street over a certain age that has a different look for it. Sometimes it’s the whole street! It isn’t so much painted as covered in a layer of tiny stones and gravel. It is called roughcasting and as experts, we know all about it.

Roughcasting was a popular method to protect the brickwork of a house. The idea was to add a layer on the outside of the house that acted as a barrier between the bricks and the weather while also looking smart. Plaster was mixed with pebbles or gravel and applied to the outside of the house.

In some areas this might even contain shells from the beach as dredging local seaside areas for materials was common. It made for an interesting and unique look to the house or street and did an effective job.

While roughcasting still work as well as ever, it does need a little attention periodically. The plaster can wear away and the stones come loose. Impacts can knock them out of place. If you find you need the roughcasting on your home checked or maintained, call ATT Builders today. We are happy to quote for projects large and small across the area.

Please contact us to discuss your roughcasting requirements.

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L. McD