Roughcasting West-End of Glasgow

ATT Building & Roofing LTD provides a roughcasting service to clients across West-End of Glasgow.

What does roughcasting offer a property?

Roughcasting is a way of finishing the exterior of a property and is also often known as pebbledash. It is a mixture of plaster with pebbles or small gravel that is applied to the outside of a property to create a textured finish.

Roughcasting comes in a few varieties. In older properties, there could be a mixture of cement and lime with gravel, pebbles or even shells added! It was popular to dredge nearby coastal area seabeds to find shells to add character to the property. In more recent times, a simpler mix of pebbles of different sizes and stone was commonly used.

The use of roughcasting is about more than the look of the property. It does offer a solid waterproof layer on the outside of the house and helps to protect the more vulnerable brick layer. It also creates a look that people like, with more visual interest than simple rendering or plain brick.

The only thing with roughcasting is that it doesn’t last forever and some maintenance is needed. If holes appear where pebbles or other materials fall away, it is important to have these dealt with as a weak spot is created. We offer a service to replace your roughcasting with similar materials so that the look is maintained but so is the waterproof layer.

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"Scott was extremely professional at all times.  We arranged a date for the job and he and his team turned up at time agreed. We were extremely pleased with the completed job and I would not hesitate to use his services again."

L. McD